May 7, 2007

Sola Fide, Michael Patton and the Beckwith Situation

I've been having a conversation with C. Michael Patton (of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries) on the issue of sola fide and how we should respond to Dr. Francis Beckwith's recent return to Rome. The dialogue began HERE and the rest is HERE.

UPDATE on 5-18-07: It appears that Reclaiming the Mind is changing their servers. One may have to check back later if the above links are not working at present.


Anonymous said...

My reaction to Francis Beckwith's conversion to Roman Catholic: "Mouth Wide Open" Its kind of sad though, he's one of my favorite writers. I have his book "Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-air" I wonder what his wife thinks about this? Next book...justification by faith and works???? My prayers are with him and his family.

Soli Fide,

Tony Byrne said...

Hi Gracie,

I think he mentions his wife on his blog where he describes his recent decision.

Also, I find this comment on Greg Koukl's blog to be utterly incoherent:

"Though we were surprised by this move, it doesn't cause us to doubt Frank’s own status as a Christian and as a brother in the Lord. From what we understand, Frank is committed to defending “mere” Christianity, not, it seems, the particulars of Roman Catholic theology. In fact, Frank told us he still considers himself an evangelical. I’m sure that will not make sense to many, and it even raises questions for us, which I'm sure we'll discuss with Frank when we have an opportunity. But what it does express is that this decision is not meant to signal a change in Frank’s core theological convictions as a Christian."

Someone should just ask him, "Do you accept or reject the doctrine of transubstantiation?" If he says that he rejects it, then the mass is a sham and he himself falls under Trent's anathema. If he accepts it, then he is defending the particulars of Roman Catholic theology, and not just "mere" Christianity.

Even though I cannot speak to the motives of his decision, I can say, as a former Roman Catholic myself, that the path he has chosen makes things much easier in terms of family relations. If I didn't think Sola Fide and the other core evangelical beliefs were absolutely vital, I wouldn't consider my family to be lost. In fact, I probably would be married by now to a former girlfriend of mine who remained Roman Catholic after my conversion. Family life would be so much easier for me.

p.s. By the way, even though I don't know Latin, I think it may be sola fide and not soli fide :-)

Tony Byrne said...

Those interested may also want to check out my older post on Affirmation and Denial.

DJP said...

Sounds like Koukl is doing "sentimental theology."

Someone should write a post about that.