August 29, 2007

William Twisse (1578–1646) on Universal Redemption

The following quote appears to be from William Twisse, as contained in vol. 7 of The Works of Joseph Hall:
When we say Christ died for mankind, we mean that Christ died for the benefit of mankind. Now, let this benefit be distinguished, and contentions hereabouts will cease: for, if this benefit be considered as the remission of sins, and the salvation of our souls; these are benefits obtainable only, upon the condition of faith and repentance: on the one side, no man will say that Christ died to this end to procure forgiveness and salvation to every one, whether they believe and repent, or no; so, on the other, none will deny but that he died to this end, that salvation and remission should redound to all and every one, in case they should repent and believe: for this depends upon the sufficiency of that price, which our Saviour paid for the redemption of the world, £c. And to pay a price sufficient for the redemption of all and every one, is, in a fair sense, to redeem all and every one.
Footnote O reads: "D. Twisse in his Animadversions upon D. Jackson.—And, to the same effect, D Rivetius Disp. 6. de Redemptions.

Cited in "The Peace Maker" from The Works of Joseph Hall (Oxford: D.A. Talboys, 1837), 7:82.

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