February 19, 2009

Ralph Venning (c.1621-1674) on Humbly Submitting to the Truth

"When truth is spoken yield to it; men think it is a shame to submit and surrender themselves after they have so long and so stoutly stood in the defense of their opinion: and therefore though they be convinced that their tenet is at least suspicious, like so many Sophisters in the Schools, they study to evade by distinctions, rather than give glory to God in confessing their sin.

But Christians, it is no small conquest and victory that you obtain, when your self, error and darkness is overcome and captivated by truth. It is an honour to be overcome by truth; but to overcome the truth is shame. Plutarch makes it a great discovery of proficiency in virtues, when a man does not take it ill that he is confuted."
Ralph Venning, The New Command Renewed: or, Love One Another (London: Printed by S. G. for J. Rothwell, 1657), 19.