November 7, 2010

Richard Sedgwick (1574–1643) on the Grace of God

Quest. What things belong to his Kingly Office?

Answ. First, the appointing and instituting of outward meanes for the service of God, and salvation of the elect, Mat. 28.18,19,20. and ministries fitted thereunto, Ephes. 4.11.

Secondly, the bestowing of the graces of the Spirit, both common to elect and reprobate, by which men are qualified to the outward fellowship and service of the Visible Church, and such as are proper unto the elect, Ephes. 4.7,8.
Richard Sedgwick, A Short Summe of the Principle Things Contained in the Articles of our Faith and Ten Commandments (London: Printed by John Haviland, for Fulke Clifton, 1624), 12–13.


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