November 22, 2009

The Fifth Pair of Magic Glasses

Is your theological system feeling constrained by context? Do you feel like you're about to see the blue screen of death whenever you look at universal passages in scripture? Well now there is help! If you have a singular, decretal or cycloptic view of Christ's death and therefore feel the desperate need to compare 1 John 2:2 with John 11:52, maybe these will help:

My price is only $6.66. Don't wait. Get your pair today! Your fellow "exegetes" need your assistance, SIR, so get busy "exegeetin" with the fifth pair of magic glasses. Oh, and remember to say "exegesis" excessively while you are using them, so that you sound smart (or textually-driven rather than system-driven) to others.

Previous versions can be viewed here, here and here. I am tempted to start a "Magic Glasses" blog category! hahaha


Anonymous said...

I found them over at another site for $6.16 but I suppose they were using an older text, I mean price sheet to go by.


Steve said...

"Six dollars and sixty-six cents" would be a great room name for Paltalk.