October 17, 2005

John Davenant (1572–1641) on Colossians

(UPDATE on 8-21-07: Some of John Davenant's writings can be found online for free HERE).

As I mentioned before, I have received a number of hits on my blog from people doing searches on John Davenant. In case any of you are interested, Banner of Truth has recently put out his commentary on Colossians in their Geneva Series of Commentaries. It does not contain his Dissertation on the Death of Christ. However, one can buy that out of print material from Dr. Curt Daniel for $25.

Here's the link to Christian Books:

Added on 10-19-05:

NKJ Colossians 1:14 in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.
It demonstrates also the infinite love of God towards the human race, who willingly sent his own Son to redeem miserable mortals. Let this inflame us with reciprocal love; let this excite us to every kind of obedience.

It must also be observed, that the Apostle does not say we have redemption by the Son of God, but in him. For by Christ the whole world is said to be redeemed, inasmuch as he offered and gave a sufficient ransom for all; but in him the elect and faithful alone have effectual redemption, because they alone are in him.

Hence we learn that no one hath, or can have, any fruit of the redemption procured by Christ, unless he be in Christ. But we are engrafted in Christ through faith by the Holy Spirit. Therefore salvation is not derived to us unless from Christ our Head; for when he becomes our Head, and we his members then we are in him, then his saving virtue extends to us; but not before: For he is the Savior of his body, Ephes. v. 23.
John Davenant, An Exposition of the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2005), 163–164.


John said...

Tony, I only discovered Dr. Daniel's website a few weeks ago and see that it is packed full of goodies. Only trouble is that he seems to be very hard to reach and, for anyone without a $ bank account, very hard to pay.
I don't want to make life difficult, but, since you have mentioned this tantalising source of potentially joyous purchase, do you know of a workaround for the $ problem or can you email me an email address for Dr. Daniels. Whole libraries in the UK would like to buy books from him and are currently unable to do so.

Tony Byrne said...

Hi John,

I used the email address at Faith Bible Church, which is faithbible@faithbibleonline.net As far as I know, everyone has to mail their money to him, either a check or a money order. The mailing address is:

Good Books
2456 Devonshire Road
Springfield, IL 62703, USA

I don't want to give out his phone number without permission, but I would be glad to call him for you if you have specific questions. He should be able to answer you in an email.

I printed out this ORDER FORM and enclosed a money order. If you don't have a bank account, then a money order should do.

If you have other questions about this or anything else, feel free to email me at ynot_tony.geo@yahoo.com
My email is also listed just below my blog picture.

Grace to you John :-)