February 16, 2006

Theological Dictionary Recommendation

If you want a useful dictionary that explains technical theological and exegetical terms, I would highly recommend the Student's Dictionary for Biblical and Theological Studies by F. B. Huey and Bruce Corley. If I was a seminary professor, I would make sure that every student had this book in their possession. I would encourage them to carry it with them to every class. Whenever I come across a technical grammatical term in exegetical works that I don't understand, this is the first book I open.

Amazon has these comments about the book:

Book Description
Nearly 1,300 entries are included in this dictionary, ranging from grammatical terms to theological jargon. The resource is succinct and cross-referenced and covers the entire field of Old and New Testament studies.

From the Back Cover
This dictionary contains nearly thirteen hundred entries, covering the whole field of Old and New Testament studies. The entries range from technical grammatical terms to obscure theological jargon and are often terms that are difficult to find in other dictionaries. Wherever possible, cross reference, is made to related or equivalent terms. The majority of entries include a brief description of explanation of the term and an example from the Old and/or New Testament. Hebrew and Greek words are transliterated so that the dictionary can be used easily by students at any level, whether they have studied the languages or not. The New International Version is used for all biblical quotations.

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MacoMan said...

thanks for the recommend, tony! i am fairly certain it will be used by me on a regular basis.