September 26, 2007

Calvin and Henry on Acts 3:26

NKJ Acts 3:26 "To you first, God, having raised up His Servant Jesus, sent Him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from your iniquities."


1) Jesus is sent to bless at least "each one" of the Jews Peter was addressing, but also the whole nation by implication.

2) "Each one" of the Jews Peter was addressing must have included some who were non-elect.

3) Jesus was sent "to bless" "each one" of them.

4) This sending must involve an intention or volition in God.

5) This intentional sending of Jesus to bless was in order to turn each one of them away from their iniquities, i.e., to save them.

Peter was basically telling them that God loved them (in that he sought "to bless" them) and had a wonderful plan (to turn them from their iniquities) for their lives :-)

"For we must always remember this, that all mankind is accursed, and, therefore, there is a singular remedy promised us, which is performed by Christ alone. Wherefore, he is the only fountain and beginning of the blessing. And if so be that Christ came to this end, that he may bless the Jews first, and, secondly, us, he hath undoubtedly done that which was his duty to do; and we shall feel the force and effect of this duty in ourselves, unless our unbelief do hinder us."

"After his resurrection, he was to be preached indeed to all nations, but they must begin at Jerusalem, Luke xxiv. 47. And, when they went to other nations, they first preached to the Jews they found therein. They were the first-born, and, as such, had the privilege of the first offer. So far were they from being excluded for their putting Christ to death, that, when he is risen, he is first sent to them, and they are primarily intended to have benefit by his death. [3.] On what errand he was sent: "He is sent to you first, to bless you; this is his primary errand, not to condemn you, as you deserve, but to justify you, if you will accept of the justification offered you, in the way wherein it is offered; but he that sends him first to bless you, if you refuse and reject that blessing, will send him to curse you with a curse," Mal. iv. 6."

God, through Peter, was making a well-meant offer to the entire Jewish nation on the ground of Christ as the singular remedy for all mankind.

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