January 16, 2009

Rapping Owenism

Gene Cook has posted a song by Shai Linne called "Mission Accomplished." Linne cleverly puts Owenic arguments for a strictly limited atonement together into lyrical form.

I've posted a few comments over there for Gene to consider. All of Gene's old online friends (Terry, Bradford, Trey, and another friend he doesn't know about yet :-) have converted to the moderate Calvinistic position after researching the material posted by me and David. Gene himself, however, remains a high Calvinist.


Kurt said...

Gene is my favorite radio personality by far. It would be great to see him convert to the moderate Calvinist perspective. It would not only be great for the gospel but would give him something of substance to argue with Jonathan over.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tony. I've only recently (relative to the length of time I've been a Christian) explored the moderate Calvinist view, but I am now convinced by it.

I don't have anywhere near the degree of historical or doctrinal knowledge that you and David and others have, but I'm enjoying browsing around your blogs. Thanks for all the work you've done.

YnottonY said...

Thanks, Barry. It is encouraging to hear how you have been edified by the sources we are posting. Even though we have mountains of primary source material now, it often seems as if no one is really paying attention to it, or thinks it is significant. Few people even seem phased by it, and none of the top bloggers seem interested enough to investigate what we're doing. Comments like yours are reassuring, so thanks again.

Stay in touch,

YnottonY said...

I agree, Kurt :-)

Julie said...

I also enjoy the work you are doing here. It is encouraging to those of us who are moderate. There are many calvinists I no longer listen to, Gene being one of them.

Anonymous said...

I have been blessed by this blog and David's blog. It really helped me from the moderate perspective. This blog is a bigger bless than you realize.

I enjoy seeing you on the "attack" on other blogs, I've actually got a kick out of it. Especially the Phil Johnson hyper calvinist post.

I agree that there are many high's bleeding into the hyper view.

I like TNM but this "reformed rapping trend" well that's the young and young minded, I am with the mature believer musically.