September 24, 2009

A Comment on Calvinists and Pride

Justin Taylor has recently posted an excellent quote by Ken Sande on the subject of humility. As I read it, I could not help but think of the utter absence of humility among Calvinists in the blogosphere. Read their blogs and the comments following their posts to see if they have the virtues or the attitude described in this quote. If they (or I) don't, then they (or I) haven't really digested their Calvinism, which ought to be thoroughly abasing by its very nature.
Many leaders conceal a proud attitude under a demeanor of humility, which is not the same as actual humility. One of the many evidences of actual humility is the inclination to “consider others better than yourself,” which results in valuing their thoughts and interests as highly as your own (Phil. 2:3-4). A closely related evidence of humility is to sincerely welcome critique and correction, no matter who brings the “observation” (Prov. 13:10, 17:10). Therefore, wise leaders regularly meditate and pray about the “pride and humility” passages in Scripture (see Prov. 11:2, 19:20; Isa. 66:3; 1 Pet. 5:5-6), asking God to help them put off self-confidence, pride, and every hint of arrogance, and to put on a humility that genuinely welcomes questions, suggestions, criticism, and anything else that might aid us in the process of presenting ourselves before God as empty vessels, so that we might be utterly dependent on and fulfilled in him, which is the essence of true humility.

Frankly, I see a dismissive, condescending and scornful treatment of others among many Calvinists who interact on the internet. For example, if they are not theoretical hyper-Calvinists in the sense of thinking that Arminians are lost, you could hardly tell a difference in terms of the way in which they treat them practically. They not only treat them like enemies of the faith, as if they are secretly suspicious of their regeneration, but they often treat fellow Calvinists the same way if they happen to be lower in their Calvinism on some points. This attitude and behaviour is a regular stench in the nostrils of God, I'm sure. May God grant us repentance in His sovereign grace.


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J said...

Another good post. A timely reminder about our 'resposibility' (oops!) towards all men.