January 28, 2011

William Williams (1685–1741) on the Nature of the Faith Which Justifies

"That Faith which justifies a sinner is not merely an assent to a Proposition, but is an act of the will, as well as of the understanding, whereby a sensible and law-condemned sinner, convinced of the truth of the Gospel, and of the sufficiency of Christ to answer the necessities of his Soul, accepts the offer of him that God makes, consents to take him as a complete Saviour, entirely depends and relies upon him for Righteousness, Grace and Life. This Faith is God's Gift, Eph. 2.8. and the effect of the Father's drawing, Joh. 6.44."
William Williams, The Great Salvation Revealed and Offered in the Gospel Explained and an Hearty Acceptance of it Urged (Boston: Printed by T. Crump, for S. Gerrish, and D. Henchman, & Sold at their Shops, 1717), 52–53.

Annals of the American Pulpit

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