June 29, 2012

William Prynne (1600-1669) on the Riches of God's Love to Mankind

"Eighthly, it [the gospel] is thus propounded unto all, (i) that so the riches of God's love and mercy to mankind in Jesus Christ His Son, and all his great and glorious attributes, together with the mysteries of salvation, and his revealed will, might be more publicly known, manifested and revealed to the sons of men, to the glory and praise of God: the more the Gospel is spread abroad, the (k) more God and Christ are glorified though it conquers not all; because it doth more propagate and divulge those great, those glorious attributes & treasures of goodness which are in them, and wins them a greater, a more awful and commanding reverence and adoration in the hearts of men: therefore it is thus preached unto all."
William Prynne, God, No Impostor, Nor Deluder (Printed [by Elizabeth Allde], 1629), 14-15. [Some spelling updated]


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