April 2, 2013

John Corbet's (1620-1680) Moderation

"27. Whereas we are charged with immodesty and boldness in our inquiries and conclusions, we profess that in the Doctrines of predestination, redemption, divine Grace, free will, original sin, justification, perseverance, and assurance of Salvation, we differ not from the Established Doctrine of the Church of England, and we approve her moderation used in those Articles, which we take in the same sense with the English Episcopal Divines in general, that lived in Queen Elizabeth's and King James his times [sic]. And for our parts we judge that the controversies about these points might be lessened, and would gladly do our endeavors to the lessening of them."
John Corbet, An Account of the Principles and Practices of Several Nonconformists (London: Printed for Tho. Parkhurst, at the Bible and 3 Crowns near Mercers Chappel, at the lower end of Cheap-side, 1682), 21-22. 

Given what is said by Corbet in his writings and in other secondary sources (about his agreement with Baxter, for example), I think he was moderate in his Calvinism, or within the Davenantian and Baxterian trajectory on redemption. The above is just a sample of implicit evidence.


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