May 29, 2013

Geoff Thomas on Spurgeon's Battle with Hyper-Calvinism

Geoff Thomas gives an overview of Iain Murray's May 19th, 1995 address to the annual Grace Baptist Assembly (a "group of 1689 Confessionalists") on the subject of "C. H. Spurgeon and His Battle with Hyper-Calvinism." Thomas says that, "It is not that this group of 1689 Confessionalists are drifting in that direction, indeed a better grasp of experiential Calvinism would lift us all-pulpits and churches. But, as lain Murray pointed out, whenever Calvinism is revived, hyper-Calvinism appears. Conversely, when Calvinism is eclipsed then hyper-Calvinism is a spent force." A brief survey of Spurgeon's battle with James Wells is given, along with 4 errors of hyper-Calvinism. Here's the fourth error:
4. The hyper-Calvinist denies the universal love of God. He has a fearful caricature of the real nature of God which would present him as fierce, and not easily induced to love. If we fellowshipped more with Christ, said Iain Murray, we would know and love him more. Then there would be no uncertainty that God desired the salvation of sinners. 'How oft would I have gathered you,' says the Saviour to recalcitrant Jerusalem.


Donald Hightower said...

Hi ya Tony,

Long time no read. Still sharp and adamant as ever I see. And of course I mean in a good way.

Thanks for this post. Convicting for the modern day hypers. Still good to know that you and David are still at it! I truly missed stopping at this blog, hitting several others and seeing you define, and defend terms for the unlimited view of atonement, a.k.a. the four point view. Sweet!

Tony Byrne said...

Hi, Donald.

Thanks for the compliments and for visiting the blog. I have slowed down a bit on my research, but yes, I am still at it :-) Glad to see you are well.

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