August 7, 2014

Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) on Christ Laying Down His Life for Those That Will Be Damned

The Hickman edition reads this way:
Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, will have no pity on you. Though he had so much love to sinners, as to be willing to lay down his life for them, and offers you the benefits of his blood, while you are in this world, and often calls upon you to accept them; yet then he will have no pity upon you. You never will hear any more instructions from him; he will utterly refuse to be your instructor: on the contrary, he will be your judge, to pronounce sentence against you.
Jonathan Edwards, "The End of the Wicked Contemplated by the Righteous," in The Works of Jonathan Edwards (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1992), 211.

The Yale edition has this:
Jesus X the

1 we you have now heard Inhabi Cr Redeemer

will have no Pity upon You tho he had so much Love

to sinners as to be willing to Lay down his Life for

& offered you the benefits of his blood while on

this T yet then hell have not Pity upon you

you never will have any more Invitations from him

hell utterly Refuse to be your Intercessour. on the

Contrary he will be your Judge to Pronounce sen-

tence against you.
Note: The first "you," in the context, refers to those that will eventually be damned, i.e. the reprobates or non-elect. That is why Edwards says that after they perish, Jesus Christ will no longer take pity on them. However, to this same group of "sinners," Edwards says Jesus "loved" them so as "to be willing to lay down his life for them."


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