February 29, 2016

Thomas Mallery (fl.1662) on the Love of God

There is a threefold love of God to us.

First, a general love, a love of benevolence, or good will, common to all his creatures, as they are the works of his hand, so his mercy and love are over all his works; the invisible things of his Wisdom and Power are seen in every creature, Rom. 1. 20. And what of God is in any creature is lovely, and he loves every thing himself hath made.

Secondly, a particular love, a love of beneficence or bounty: Thus he loves man above all his other creatures before his fall, Pro. 8. 31. After his fall, Psal. 8. 4, 5. Heb. 2.16 Titus 3.4.

Thirdly, a more special and peculiar love, a love of Communion and Complacency; it is of such out of mankind whom God hath loved in Christ, with an everlasting love: these are believers according to Election.

Man is Partaker with other creatures of all that love of God that communicates to them, yet hath a special love of God that communicates to him, and no other creature hath part with him: Believers partake of all that love of God that communicates itself to all other creatures, and to all other men: yet hath a special love of God, in which no other creature, and no other men, partake with him. Thus a believer is Heir of all that love that ever issued forth from God, of this love of God the Text [Rom. 8:38–39] speaks.
Thomas Mallery [or Mallory], The Inseparable Communion of a Believer with God in His Love (London: Printed for R. D. near the Royal Exchange, 1674), 14–15.


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