September 30, 2005

John Owen (1616–1683) on Meditation

I recently listened to John Piper's lecture on John Owen and heard the following quotation. It partially explains why so many of my posts are related to Calvinism, the Gospel and the atonement. An improper understanding of what God was doing in the death of his Son will eventually impact every other area of our thinking, even in the way we form our beliefs and interpret scripture. I am trying to think deeply about Christ as revealed in the gospel. Every doctrine is ultimately related to the revelation of God in Christ on the cross. The importance of thinking about these issues should be obvious, but John Owen in Meditations on the Glory of Christ says it well:
The revelation made of Christ in the blessed gospel is far more excellent, more glorious, and more filled with rays of divine wisdom and goodness, than the whole creation and the just comprehension of it, if attainable, can contain or afford. Without the knowledge hereof, the mind of man, however priding itself in other inventions and discoveries, is wrapped up in darkness and confusion.

This, therefore, deserves the severest of our thoughts, the best of our meditations, and our utmost diligence in them. For if our future blessedness shall consist in being where he is, and beholding of his glory, what better preparation can there be for it than in a constant preview contemplation of that glory in the revelation that is made in the Gospel, unto this very end, that by a view of it we may be gradually transformed into the same glory?
Even though I have profound disagreements with Owen on other matters, I concur with the above comments. I know I will err in many things, but I earnestly pray to God that I may get the gospel right! I pray that you will as well, so that the world can see the glory of Christ in the church and be saved to the praise of the Father by the Holy Spirit. This is the revealed will of God.

NKJ Psalm 119:99 I have more understanding than all my teachers, For Your testimonies are my meditation.

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