June 4, 2007

R. C. Sproul vs. John MacArthur Baptism Debate

Dr. R. C. Sproul and Dr. John MacArthur had a debate/discussion on the subject of baptism. The tapes/mp3s are available at Ligonier Ministries. They write:
From Ligonier Ministries’ 1998 National Conference, Drs. John MacArthur Jr. and R.C. Sproul discuss their views on the Biblical meaning and mode of Christian baptism. Dr. MacArthur presents the credo-baptist position and Dr. Sproul presents the historic paedo(infant)-baptist position.
I've spoken with many people who didn’t know about this Sproul/MacArthur dialogue, so it deserves to be highlighted here.

Update on 5-11-10: A commentator has posted two links where one can hear and read both MacArthur’s and Sproul’s presentations for free. For MacArthur, see here (click). For Sproul, see here (click).

Update on 11-12-14: The exchange can be heard on YouTube here (or directly at the Ligonier site here):

MacArthur’s session in MP3 format: Here
Sproul’s session in MP3 format: Here

Update on 3-22-18:

See also the 1997 debate between Alister Begg and R. C. Sproul on baptism here (click).

Begg on Believers Baptism (mp3)
Sproul on Infant Baptism (mp3)
Q&A (mp3)


Anonymous said...


MacArthur wiped the floor with Sproul in this debate, IMO. JM took apart Sproul's counter-arguments before he could even present them.

Viva la Baptists!

Tony Byrne said...

Hi James,

I doubt that anyone will be suprised that you, a Baptist, think that MacArthur won the debate. Now all we need is a Reformed fellow to come along and assert the opposite :-)

Steve said...

I haven't even *heard* the debate and I already know that Sproul won. LOL.

Steve Erickson said...

MacArthur really did make Sproul look like a sophomore.

Dave said...

I don't know if I'd say Johnny Mac wiped the floor with Sproul, but it's been 6 years since I heard this one. I remember Sproul admitting that Mac had the slam dunk with the arguement that Scripture never mentions an infant baptism. has anyone seen the manuscript online? We missionaries are always looking to save two dollars...

sprdvnet said...

This debate IS online, in audio form and transcribed (html/pdf) and FREE! Check it out....and you make the decision on who aced this debate!



Tony Byrne said...

Thanks for the links and information, sprdvnet. I will update the main post with those links.

elliotgill said...

It's really sad to read your comments folks, both Baptists and Presbyterians. When are you going to stop? When is it going to finish? That's the way you express yourself to a brother in Christ? Come on!

Thank you Tony for sharing!