August 1, 2007

Durham on Desire

"God the Father, and the King’s Son the Bridegroom, are not only content and willing, but very desirous to have sinners come to the marriage. They would fain (to speak with reverence) have poor souls espoused to Christ."

James Durham, The Unsearchable Riches of Christ, Rept. Morgan: Soli Deo Gloria, p44.

Make no mistake. By "sinners," Durham means all sinners, not merely the elect. He's affirming God's universal saving will in very strong, classically Calvinistic terms.


Seth McBee said...

do you find the contemporary Calvinist exegesis of 1 Tim 2:4 a joke? (this is an honest question not a loaded one at all)

YnottonY said...

Hi Seth,

To read about my opinion regarding the popular Calvinist "exegesis" of 1 Tim. 2:4, go here:

Contextual Cow Patties

I am sure you will enjoy the post, even when considering the title :-)