August 3, 2007

Thomas Manton (1620–1677) on Jude 4

You will say, Who are those that deny Christ his Lordship? I answer:--

(1.) They that will not hear his voice, that slight his calls. He inviteth them and prayeth them that they will look into their hearts, consider their eternal condition, but they quench the Spirit, smother light, resist all these motions; these will not hear Christ's voice. He entreateth, prayeth, that we will come and put our souls under his government; and we in effect say, 'We are lords, and will not come at thee,' Jer. ii. 31. We are well enough, and shall do well enough without any such care and strictness.
Thomas Manton, Commentary on Jude (Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 1988), 166.

According to Manton, Christ himself is calling, inviting, entreating and motioning for those denying His Lordship (even the non-elect) to put their souls under his government, i.e. to be saved.

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