November 24, 2007

Amyraut and Baxter PDFs

Both of these works are rare. To my knowledge, they are the only copies of these particular works online. This is the only work by Amyraut in English available online. Both of these pdf's are about 20mb in size.

Amyraldus / Amyraut, Moïse / Moses (1596-1664)

A Treatise concerning religions, in refutation of the opinion which accounts all indifferent; Wherein is also evinc'd the necessity of a particular revelation, and the verity and preeminence of the Christian religion above the pagan, Mahometan, and Jewish rationally demonstrated. Rendered into English out of the French copy of Moyses Amyraldus late professor of divinity at Saumur in France. London: Printed by M. Simmons for Will. Nealand bookseller in Cambridge and are to be sold there and at the sign of the Crown in Duck-lane, [London], 1660. [24], 539, [1] pp. British Library.

Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)

These sources were found HERE.


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