April 9, 2009

Curt Daniel's Doctoral Thesis on Hyper-Calvinism and John Gill

Dr. Curt Daniel's doctoral dissertation, Hyper-Calvinism and John Gill, is now scanned and available for free download at EthOS (Electronic Thesis Online Service), or here (direct link). They just completed the scan and sent me an email notice. One of the benefits is that it is even a fully searchable pdf(s)! Unfortunately it comes in two files, but I was able to join them together using Adobe Acrobat.

EthOS also has Michael Horton's dissertation (or directly here) and Alan Clifford's dissertation (no longer available) scanned and ready for download. Soon they will have the dissertations of G. Michael Thomas and Sinclair Ferguson (or here: click on the "link to institutional repository") as well.

Update on 9-26-13:

You can also freely get Daniel's thesis here directly in two parts (click).


Dan Kassis said...

EthOS doesn't return this download in its search results. Is it still available?

YnottonY said...

It looks like it is. I typed in the search term "hyper-calvinism" and it came up. Perhaps this link (click) can take you there easily and directly.