July 2, 2009

Sydrach Simpson (c.1600–1658) on God Begging

Go thou then and consider of the exceeding love that God hath showed thee, and set that before thy eyes if thou wouldest be humbled for not going to Jesus Christ: And what greater love is there then to give Jesus Christ to die for us, and to take the full value for our offences of Jesus Christ, and yet notwithstanding to give us all that for nothing? What greater love then to offer Jesus Christ upon the terms of believing? In the matter of faith God shows himself as kind as he can be out of heaven: He speaks by his Son, he entreats & beseeches us, As the Apostle saith, We beseech you in Christ's stead. 2 Cor. 5:20. He commands that you believe. And he threatens that he that believes not shall be damned. Mark 16:16. Was there ever like love showed to this, that God should beg of us, who should pray to him, that he should beseech us who should lay our selves as pitiful objects before him, and fill heaven with cries continually? That he should command us, and make it our duty to believe, In whom it would be a presumption naturally and great boldness of spirit? That he should make nothing damnable but only not believing unto men that live under the means? Set this I say before you, and refusal then will be exceeding great and odious in thine eyes. To refuse a command! To slight a threaten[ing], To be deaf to entreaties: And not to be woo'd by kindness! To be sought unto by greatness and all for the things of a man's own good.
Sydrach Simpson, "Not going to Christ for Life and Salvation is an Exceeding Great Sin, Yet it is Pardonable," in Two Books (London: Printed by Peter Cole, Printer and Book-Seller, at the sign of the Printing-press, in Corn-hill, near the Royall Exchange, 1658), II:83-84. Some of the spelling has been updated.


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