December 31, 2009

Theophilus Gale (1628–1678) on God Begging

1. Doth Christ assume sinners into such a blessed state of Friendship with himself? Hence then we may infer, what the infinie condescension, and Soverain Dominion of Free Grace, towards lapsed undone man is. What? Is it possible, that the great Jehovah should stoop so low, as to engage in such intimate friendship with his poor creature? Yea, that the most glorious, pure, and spotless Being, shoudl be content to mingle with impure, dirtie, sinful flesh and bloud? Yea, farther, that the ever-blessed God should court, and beseech his deformed creature, to enter into a strict bond of friendship with himself? what transcendent condescendence is this? Was it ever known, that Beautie courted Deformitie; that Riches begged friendship of Povertie; that Honor bended the knee to Reproche, and Disgrace; that the King beseeched the Malefactor to be reconciled to him; that Happiness wooed Miserie to be its Spouse? Yet, Lo! thus it is in this business of Friendship with Christ: the first, and supreme Beautie courts the most deformed sinner; the infinitely rich, and self-sufficient Being; the most Honorable Lord of Glorie wooeth his wretched, reproached, and captive rebel to be, not only reconciled to him, but his Spouse begs his poor nothing-creature to be friends with him. O the unparalleled, and admirable Soveraintie of this Divine, condescendent Grace! Who would ever have thought, or imagined, that such Al-Sufficient, and omnipotent Grace, should have stooped so low, to proud self-conceited, and rebellious sinners? What a wonder of wonders is this, that free-grace should pursue sinners with continued offers, yea, importunate desires of Friendship, when they pursue it with repeted Effronts, and Acts of Rebellion? O! How should the friends of Christ admire, and adore the Lengths, Breadths, Depths, and Heights of this Transcendent condescension of God?

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