January 1, 2010

Theophilus Gale (1628–1678) on Christ's Willingness to Give Life to Sinners

(2.) Is not Christ extreme willing, and readie to give out life to sinners? Doth he not long for, and thirst after the Salvation of lost souls? Are not his offers of life exceeding Free, chearful, and universal? May not al that wil, come and drink freely of this living Fountain, Revel. 21.6? Is not he as readie to give as we are to ask; to open, as we are to knock, Joh. 4. 10. Doth he not give Liberally, and Abundantly to al that desire friendship with him, Cant. 5. 1? Yea, doth he not wait long, and greatly importune sinners to be reconciled to him? So 2 Cor. 5. 20. We pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God. Now is not this an hainous crime, that Christ, who is the Lord of Glorie, should come and beseech his enemies to be reconciled to him, and yet they go on in open Hostilitie against him? What? Doth Christ, who is the person offended, and injured, stoop so low, as to become a supplicant, and beseech you, who are rebellious Subjects, to be reconciled to him, and his Father? And wil you sleight such gracious condescension, such unparalleld offers of mercie? Oh! What prodigious Impietie is this?
Theophilus Gale, Theophilie: Or a Discourse of the Saints Amitie with God in Christ (London: Printed by R. W. for Giles Widdows at the Green Dragon in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1671), 251–252.
Lo! Christ is willing to be friends with thee; he offers life to thee; take heed what thou doest; neglect not so great salvation. Remember what it is that is offered to thee; and who it is that offers it.
Ibid., 262. [Note: Gale says this in the context of talking about the misery of such as reject Christ.]

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