June 12, 2007

How To Hyper-Link

These instructions are for those in the blogosphere who keep forgetting how to create hyper-links to their blog posts (you know who you are). So, for the sake of that forgetful Australian, here are some directions for him to bookmark.

HTML uses the < > (anchor) tag to create a link to another document.

An anchor can point to any resource on the Web: an HTML page, an image, a sound file, a movie, etc.

The syntax of creating an anchor:

The < > tag is used to create an anchor to link from, the href attribute is used to address the document to link to, and the words between the open and close of the anchor tag will be displayed as a hyperlink.

This anchor defines a link to my blog:

The line above will look like this in a browser:

These instructions will work when you are commenting on someone else's blog and want to leave a link for those who wish to do further research.


David Ponter said...

lets test this

Thomas Manton on 2 Peter 3:9


A very practical post. How do you use bold? And italics? I feel pretty amatuerish (spelling?) using * to denote *italics*

P/s I appreciate your support on Phil's blog with the free offer of the gospel

YnottonY said...

Hi Colin,

For bold, use this:

< b >Text to be displayed in bold< b >

For italics, use this:

< i >Text to be displayed in italics< /i >

NOTE: You don't have to uses the spaces that I did above. Put the "b" or "i" right next to the < or > symbols and it will work. Also, the / symbol is like a closing mark. I used spaces so that you could see the HTML code.

Hope that helps,

p.s. For anyone else reading, Colin is referencing this post by Phil Johnson:

Regarding the Well-Meant Offer of Mercy in the Gospel


I assume this works

Seth McBee said...

Thanks Tony

Now go to Contend Earnestly