November 6, 2008

Andrew Gray (1634–1656) on Christ Begging

3. Thirdly, Let this consideration provoke you not to slight this great salvation, that Christ is exceedingly serious, and earnest that ye should embrace it: And I think that Isa. 28. 23. speaketh out his exceedingly seriousness, where four times he beggeth of his hearers, that they would give ear and hear his voice, saying, Give ear and hear my voice, hearken and hear my speech. What needeth all these exhortations? But that Christ is most serious that they would embrace the great salvation. And O, that there were a person here today, as serious to the bargain as Christ is! But be who ye will that slight this great salvation, [believe me] the day is coming wherein ye shall cry out, Alas for my slighting of it!
Andrew Gray, The Great Salvation Offered and Tendered (London: Printed for H. Barnard in the Poultrey, 1694), 19–20.


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Steve said...

My family read through a volume of Gray's sermons ... a long time ago now. Gray was a remarkable young man.