November 17, 2008

Radio Interview on the Conference Chart

Last Saturday morning, I did a radio interview with Gene Cook of Unchained Radio (click) on the subjects contained in my conference chart (Arminianism, Classic Calvinism, High Calvinism and Hyper-Calvinism). Here's the audio for the show:

Download Broadcast Here (click)


Anonymous said...


Since you talk about four views of God's love, I was wondering if you would add a section concerning God's hatred. "Esau I hated" is such a commonly used verse against even the moderate Calvinist position that I think it would be helpful to see what each of the four views say about that kind of a verse. What say ye?

Doug Van Dorn

Tony Byrne said...

Hi Doug,

Well, I say that would push me into 3 pages lol. We can't have that! It is a worthy topic to include, but it would push it into an additional page, and I had to stretch the margins to keep the information within two pages.

As you may have heard, we discussed the issue of God's hatred for Esau in the radio interview.

However, I will keep your suggestion in mind for the future. But, for now, I think you're a sick, sick man! You're only interested in the topic of hate, hate, hate! HAHAHA jk


Seth McBee said...

Great radio session/interview...

Very well done

Tony Byrne said...

Thanks, Seth ;-)