August 13, 2009

Hugh Latimer (c.1487–1555) on Christ Begging

I can't find this in Latimer's Sermons that are available online, but Austin Phelps critically attributes the following to "Bishop Latimer" in the end of one of Latimer's discourses:
Will ye have Jesus Christ? What say ye? Speak now — now or never. See, sinners! I offer you the Lord. Will you accept him? Ah, poor Christ! Must he go a-begging? Out, ye hard-hearted! What will Christ say when he comes to judge you? I'll tell you what he'll do. He will bind you in bundles, and burn you. He will say, 'Here is a bundle of drunkards: Devil, take them. Here is a bundle of liars: Devil, take them.'
Austin Phelps, English Style in Public Discourse (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1883), 222. It is also quoted by Jean Claude, but he prefers not to name Latimer as the source.


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