August 16, 2009

Stephen Lobb (c.1647-1699) Citing Matthew 23:37

"Thou art therefore, O man! inexcusable, if thou neglectest thy duty, and wilt not strive to enter in at the strait gate, since by striving, thou mayst have an entrance into the heavenly glory given thee; 'tis possible, 'tis probable; but if thou wilt not strive for Heaven, nothing more sure, than that Hell will be thy portion. Oh consider these things and remember, That if you die in your sins, your destruction will be of your selves, you will be found self-condemned sinners, to whom the Lord may say, How often would I have gathered you together, but you would not, and consequently his ruine is from himself, and not from the Lord."
Stephen Lobb, The Glory of Free Grace Displayed (London: Printed by T.S. for B. Alsop, at the Angel and Bible against the Stocks-Market, 1680), 69-70.


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