October 19, 2014

John Randall (1570–1622) on God's Love and Goodwill

The Reasons of the doctrine are these: First, all the good that ever God doth to all or any of his creatures, it is merely of his own love, and good will towards them; therefore this Communion, which God affords the faithful to have with him, is much more for his love. That all the good that ever God doth to any of his creatures comes from his love, we may see Psalm 145:16. Thou openest thy hand and fillest all things living of thy good pleasure; then much more this communion. I say much more; for the Reason ariseth upon many advantages: First, if all the good he doth to the other creatures comes from his love, much more the good he doth to man must come from his love, Man being the choice and prime of the creatures: Secondly, if to men in general, of love, then much more to true believers, being the prime and choice of men in God's estimation: Thirdly, if all the good God doth to true believers come from his love, then much more this blessed communion, which is the prime and choice, and indeed the very Summe of all the good we receive from God; so that the reason stands very strong.
John Randall, "Saint Paul's Triumph," in The Works of That Famous Divine, Master John Randall (London: Printed by H.L. for Nathanael Newbery, in Popes-head Alley at the Starre, 1629), 27–28.
The Uses: First, it shows the bountifulness of the love of God to Mankind, that is so pleased to open his love to all the World, John 3. 16. God so loves the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, &c. which if we understand of the effectual application of Christ, then that world is only the believing World, and that love is God's saving love to the Faithful: But if we understand it only of the proffer of Grace to the World, then that World is generally all Mankind, and that love is the general love of God to all Mankind, that not only proffers Salvation to all, but also makes some of all sorts to be effectuall partakers thereof: The Centurion is said to love the whole Nation of the Jews, because he built them one Synogogue; so God's saving some few of all sorts of Men, it doth therefore argue his general love towards all Mankind.
John Randall, Three and Twenty Sermons, Or, Catechetical Lectures Upon the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper: Preached Monthly Before the Communion (London: Printed for John Bellamie, and are to be sold at his Shop at the three Golden Lyons in Cornhill neere the Royall Exchange, 1630), 176.


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