October 20, 2014

Ralph Robinson (1614–1655) on Christ's Willingness to Receive Sinners

5. For the fifth. Why Chirst is called a fountain opened. He is called so in three respects. 

1. To show how willing he is that sinners should make use of him. He is not a sealed fountain; but a fountain opened. Jesus Christ is marvelous ready and desirous that polluted souls would make use of his blood. All the invitations which he uses in the Gospel show his readiness, Rev. 22:17. He hath for this purpose appointed the Ministry of the Gospel that solemn invitation might therein be made to defiled souls, that they would wash and be clean. All the complaints which he makes of sinners remissness and backwardness in coming to him, are a proof of his readiness. Take but two places for this, the one is John 5:40. The other is in Luke 13:24. With how much sadness of heart doth Jesus Christ utter those words, How often would I have gathered thy children as a hen gathereth her chickens and ye would not: He that commands his door always to be kept open, doth declare his mind to be, that all that want succour should turn in for relief. Christ keeps open house for all penitent sinners.
Ralph Robinson, "Christ the Fountain Opened for Penitent Sinners," in Christ All and In All (London: Printed by S. Griffin for John Rothwell at the Fountain in Cheapside, 1660), 352.


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