November 1, 2014

Thomas Larkham (1602–1669) on the General Love of God

But this Attribute of Love is to be considered as it hath a double object, either general, or special. The former is every creature, every entity; in this respect God's love reacheth to the very meanest creature. Neither are these creatures in general only said to be the objects of God's love, in regard of those acts which he exerciseth on them; as in their creation, so in their preservation and ordering of them: but also the creation is an object of God's love of complacency in some sort, for Omne Ens est bonum, Every created being is good; and therefore God must needs love it, because the divine Will was the cause of their being, even of the being of each thing.
Thomas Larkham, The Attributes of God Unfolded, and Applied. The Second Part. (London: Printed for Francis Eglesfield, and are to be sold at the Marygold in Pauls Church-yard, 1656), 158.
Use. 7. And if God be a loving God, O that you that are in a state of enmity against God, would yield your hearts to this loving God, who is willing (I can assure you) to pass by all, and to love you, if ye will accept of his love. Come Sirs, accept of this loving God: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous his own imaginations, and turn to this loving God. It is possible for the greatest sinner to be accepted of God, nay most sure; if ye can but bring that Bull's neck to bow to this loving God: But if ye worship your lusts of pride and anger &c. I pronounce unto you that ye shall surely perish. Love trampled on, will turn to fury at last: Take heed that God swear not against you in wrath, for slighting his offered love.
Ibid., 168.

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