January 2, 2007

Davenant Republished

Dr. Alan Clifford writes that Quinta Press is going to make Bishop John Davenant’s excellent treatise on a Dissertation on the Death of Christ available to a new generation of readers. Here is Clifford's introduction:

Clifford, citing Allport, notes that:

"...Davenant was probably the most eminent of the five English Deputies commissioned by King James I to attend the famous Synod [of Dort]. A graduate of Cambridge University, John Davenant (1576-1641) received his DD at the age of thirty-three and was elected Lady Margaret’s Professor of Divinity in 1609. Later, in 1621, the King appointed him Bishop of Salisbury, a position he was to occupy until his death in 1641."


UPDATE: My friend Martin has commented that Davenant's above work is already available HERE.

UPDATE on 8-21-07: Some of John Davenant's writings can be found online for free HERE.


Paul E said...

Thank you Tony for the link to the intro! It was very interesting reading and I look forward to the book.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

If anyone is ineterested, the book is already available here:


Tony Byrne said...

Thanks for the information, Martin!

Paul, you're welcome :-) I enjoyed reading it as well.