January 18, 2007

John MacArthur Interview on Election

I wasn't able to recall where I first downloaded this interview, but after I heard it, I knew I had to link to it eventually. I did a google search and sure enough, Keith Plummer stole my idea (unconsciously of course) and linked to the interview before me! ;-)

Here's the link to Keith's blog on it:

You will hear Dr. MacArthur strongly affirming God's desire to save all mankind (well-meant offer), even as he underlines God's eternal purpose to save the elect alone. If I recall, MacArthur even mentioned God begging or pleading with men through the gospel call.


KP said...

That's very kind of you to send traffic my way, Tony, but I wouldn't have minded in the least if you had linked directly to the interview.

It was refreshing to hear Dr. MacArthur do justice to the whole of Scripture on this topic, avoiding the rationalistic reductionism that abounds. And yes, you're correct. He does refer to God begging.

By the way, I appreciate the service you're doing by focusing on the sincerity of God in urging all sinners to believe upon Christ and be saved. Thank you.

An unconscious thief ;-)

Tony Byrne said...

From the transcript of the interview between John MacArthur and Phil Johnson:

"PHIL: Second Corinthians 5 gives us the duties ambassadors to plead with people to be reconciled with God.

JOHN: Yep, we are to beg them, be reconciled to God, as it says, though God were begging through you. That’s exactly the language there. As though God were begging through you, be reconciled to God, go into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature, make disciples of all the nations. We have the responsibility to take the gospel to the ends of the earth to every creature."

Tony Byrne said...

Oddly enough, and in contrast to the imagery of MacArthur above, Phil Johnson said the following on his blog concerning the Chan video:

"He [James White] is (rightly) concerned about people who run too far with the notion of imploring sinners to be reconciled to God (2 Corinthians 5) and who imagine that this justifies the ridiculous imagery of God on his knees, begging sinners to have a relationship with Him. Remember: I already said I don't like that aspect of the video, either."

Tony Byrne said...

Thomas Manton also used the imagery:

Manton's Begging God

Charles Spurgeon used the imagery:

Spurgeon's Begging God

And Samuel Rutherford used the imagery:

God Begging?

If MacArthur is right about the imagery of the 2 Cor. 5 passage ("though God were begging through you. That’s exactly the language there), then is Paul being "ridiculous"? Are Spurgeon, Manton and Rutherford and MacArthur also being "ridiculous"?

Tony Byrne said...

Perhaps John Flavel was being ridiculous?

Tony Byrne said...

The Puritan John Shower also uses the imagery of Christ begging.

Tony Byrne said...

Search for more here:

God Begging. Whitefield, Venning, Gurnall, Swinnock, and Charnock use the imagery as well.

Tony Byrne said...

The transcript for Phil's interview with Dr. MacArthur on election can now be found here.