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Related Notes:
  1. "Hoeksema and his followers linked the rejection of common grace with their denial of the free offer of the gospel, resulting in a distinct Dutch Reformed version of Hyper-Calvinism that went beyond the Hyper-Calvinism of John Gill and other English Hyper-Calvinists. Gill and others at least held to a modified form of common grace. Curiously, Hoeksema’s successor David Englesma claims that the Protestant Reformed Church is true Calvinism and is not Hyper-Calvinism, when in fact they are more Hyper than their English compatriots" (Curt Daniel, The History and Theology of Calvinism [Darlington, UK: Evangelical Press, 2019], 579).
  2. "Hoeksema was once a Christian Reformed minister. This church saw him as a hyper-Calvinist, a strong supralapsarian, a logicistic thinker, a denier of common grace and of a well-meant gospel proclamation to all" (Fred H. Klooster, "Predestination: A Calvinistic Note," in Perspectives on Evangelical Theology: Papers from the Thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, ed. K. S. Kantzer and S. N. Gundry [Grand Rapids: Baker, 1979], 86).

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