November 6, 2009

Andrew Swanson on God's Hate and Love in Romans 9

The distinctive feature of God's 'hate' is the abiding nature of his wrath resting upon those whom he hates, John 3.36. God is not only angry when they sin, as he is in the case of the elect [Ex 4.14, Num 12.9, Ps. 38.1 and Isa 54.8], but this is his fixed disposition towards them, Psalm 7.11. While it is true that the effects of this anger are not always recognised or felt by the non-elect, the fact remains that the wrath of God abides on them and what is true in time will in eternity be both recognised and felt for ever. It would be quite wrong, however, to conclude, as some have done, that the non-elect are utterly destitute of God's favour, kindness or mercy. Just as God can consistently display his wrath upon the objects of his everlasting love, so he can, and does, display abundant tokens of his love of benevolence on those who are the objects of his everlasting hate.
Andrew Swanson, "The Doctrine of Reprobation and its Practical Implications," Banner of Truth 158 (November 1976): 21.

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