November 21, 2009

Jean Daille (1594–1670) on "World" as Cited by Pierce

Thomas Pierce was apparently an Arminian, but he cites Jean Daille on the topic of the biblical use of "world." The latin quotes are in the margin with the source, which was probably this work [click], on pages 16 and 17.

Pierce wrote:
"Nay, as the Learned Daille doth acknowledge, (who is farre from being an Arminian) whensoever the World in Holy Writ doth not signifie Mankind, it clearly signifies the greater and worser part."
Thomas Pierce, 'ΑΥΤΟΚΑΤΑ'ΚΡΙΣΙΣ, or, Self-Condemnation, Exemplified in Mr. Whitefield, Mr. Barlee, and Mr. Hickman. With Occassional Reflexions on Mr Calvin, Mr Beza, Mr Zwinglius, Mr Piscator, Mr Rivet, and Mr Rollock: But More Especially on Doctor Twisse, and Master Hobbs (London, Printed by J. G. for R. Royston at the Angel in Ivy-lane, 1658), 202–203.
"...he gives notice to Spanhemius, that if we suffer our own selves to understand the world of the Elect onely, (a trick never heard of, saith Daille, from any writer in the World, whether Jew or Gentile) we shall encourage the bold and licentius people to make God's word a Nose of Wax, and forge up on it what sense they please." Ibid., 203.

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