November 5, 2009

The Quagmire of Hyper-Calvinism

This looks like this will be an interesting Conference.

It's scheduled on February 18-21 of 2010. Here are the messages that will be delivered:

MESSAGE 1: The Wonder of Unconditional Love (David Miller)
MESSAGE 2: Defining Hyper-Calvinism (Dr. Michael Haykin)
MESSAGE 3: Urging ALL to Repent & Believe (Jonathan Sims)
MESSAGE 4: The Use of Altar Calls (Jeff Noblit)
MESSAGE 5: Loving Sinners (Conrad Mbewe)
MESSAGE 6: The Sin of Unbelief (Barry King)
MESSAGE 7: The Doctrine of Hell (David Miller)
MESSAGE 8: Missionary Pioneer Andrew Fuller & Hyper-Calvinism (Dr. Michael Haykin)
MESSAGE 9: The Great Commission (Conrad Mbewe)
MESSAGE 10: The Glory of God in Evangelism & The Sovereignty of God (Jeff Noblit)

Here's the brochure [click].

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