November 11, 2009

Robert Harris (1581-1658) on God Begging in His Calls and Offers of Grace

If ye stop your ears to God's calls and offers of grace, he also will be as deaf to your suits and cries: If ye stiffen your necks against God, and make your hearts hard aganst him, when he comes a begging to you, he also will shut his eyes, and stop his ears in your distresses, according to that, Prov. 1. Because I called, and you would not hear, I stretched out my hands unto you, but all to no purpose; Therefore shall ye call upon me, but I will not answer, ye shall seek me early, but ye shall have no answer: And thus shall you receive like for like, measure for measure, &c.
Robert Harris, "Sermons on the Beatitudes: Sermon IX," in The Works of Robert Harris (London: Printed by James Flesher, for John Bartlet the elder, and John Bartlet the younger, and are to be sold at the Gilt Cup, on the South side of Pauls neer Austins Grace in the new Buildings, 1654), 187. [Some spelling changes were made]


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