November 25, 2009

Thomas Lamb's (died c. 1672 or 1686) Crucial Agreement with Goodwin

"...yet I deny not, but grant with him [John Goodwin], that the denial of Christ's Death for the sins of all, doth detract from God's Philanthropy, and deny him to be a lover of men, and doth in very deed destroy the very foundation and ground-work of Christian faith."
Thomas Lamb, Absolute Freedom from Sin by Christs Death for the World (London: Printed by H. H. for the Authour, and are to be sold by him, 1656), 248.

Keep in mind that Benjamin Brook, in his Lives of the Puritans (vol. 3, p. 466) recently published in 1996 by Soli Deo Gloria, said that "it is extremely obvious, that, upon the disputed points, he [Lamb] was a strict Calvinist," and Brook references this treatise to sustain that point.

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