November 11, 2009

Robert Harris (1581–1658) on Christ Begging

A man must make to Christ, that quickning spirit, pitch upon his person, partake of his Spirit, derive from him the righteousness of faith, before he can have righteousness of nature and life. Therefore first see all things out of Christ to be no better than chaffe, then huskes, Luk. 15. then offall, then dogs-meat, Phil 3. Next, see, that in him is all fulness of provision, milk, honey, bread indeed, Isa. 55. whatsoever makes for life. Thirdly, that he is most able and willing to supply thee: so willing, as that he begs, commands, prayes, threatens, doth all that can be done to draw thee in, and thereupon thirst and reach after him, and with him after his righteousness of Justification first, of sanctification next, the former whereof is here presupposed, though not directly (I think) intended.
Robert Harris, "Sermons on the Beatitudes: Sermon IX," in The Works of Robert Harris (London: Printed by James Flesher, for John Bartlet the elder, and John Bartlet the younger, and are to be sold at the Gilt Cup, on the South side of Pauls neer Austins Grace in the new Buildings, 1654), 157.


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